For me, best care is…

We would like to hear what receiving the best care means to you and what you’re able to do because of it. Please complete the below form by October 22nd to allow us share your content during our Awareness Campaign. #ShowYourBestCare #MyBestCareWithXLH #AccessYourBestCare

Some examples, “receiving the best care allows me to be in less pain, and means that I can do more with my family” or “I can go shopping” or “I can enjoy the countryside” or “I can go on holiday” or “I have more energy” or “I’m more flexible” or “I’ve learnt new skills” or “I’ve picked up a new hobby” or “I can do more chores” or “I feel more relaxed” or “I can exercise” or “I sleep better at night” or “I can concentrate more at work” . Feel free to use these examples or add anything new.

Our submissions are now closed

Thank you for participating in this years campaign.


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