Clinical manifestations in paediatric patients with XLH

XLH causes lifelong skeletal disease and can substantially decrease physical function and quality of life1

XLH typically presents during the first 2 years of life with progressive lower-extremity bowing, impaired growth after the onset of weight bearing, and the characteristic clinical signs of rickets. Pain, gait disturbances, and impaired gross motor function may also be observed.2,3
Children with XLH suffer from poor quality of life, impaired mobility, and bone and joint pain.1
In addition to skeletal disease and impaired growth, children with XLH may also have dental manifestations of the disease.1,4
Children with XLH can experience diminished mobility
and functional limitations4
In children with XLH, lower-extremity muscle strength and walking ability are substantially decreased relative to non-XLH children.5

Children with XLH can have impaired quality of life (QOL)1

Skeletal manifestations of XLH impact physical and psychosocial quality of life in paediatric patients.1

Added to this, many XLH children experience regular joint pain.1

Over 55% of children with XLH report knee pain. Pain is also commonly experienced in the1

  • Feet
  • Hips
  • Ankles

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